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The frequency of these cases appears to me much greater than is

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that this operation is so safe, that whenever a medical assistant

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At the provincial medical schools in England the college

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a neglect of sufficient paring of the hoof, the application of artificial

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also be successful even if the wound is not closed ; there have

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the foot cannot be raised as far from the floor as ordinarily.

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Psychiatry. Professional Associate, New York Hospital.

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stomach, the pain is burning and gnawing. So, as already

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been made in recent years, and in this work a complete

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formation. Below, or on the distal side of this plug the veins (common

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Three years ago, an engineer from the mines of Altai, began to suffer

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Pathology and Bacteriology, July 1896, vol. iv. p. 13 ; Lancet, Dec. 19, 1896.— 8.

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pain in the hypogastric region; urgent thirst, with inability "I

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immediately after the ball has been administered, with

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two poultices put on every day, and the pain and swelling' came

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present when the child was born, but " the children were turned out." She

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carbonic acid, and will die from cold ; while the animal

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insensible, in the former is visible; in normal conditions

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person hitherto well. Therefore, the sick must be protected against

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a patient who recently died from a well-marked attack of this

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paid for talking and writing, and the machine must run.

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one may discover cancerous infection of the lymphatic glands and

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them to dressing-station, as ambulances were unable to

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the third temporal gyrus. The case was that of a woman, aged 41,

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article is a very complete one, and is based on a large clinical experience,

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that spontaneous uterine ruptures are invariably cases

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number of reports were in consequence sent in, but as these were in some

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limitary structures which Mr. Sanders has so circumstantially described.