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have led many observers to the conclusion that the dis-

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lock became the avowed lover of this sister and her promised husband.

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fixed in the pelvis. The tampon has to be removed after a while

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To this there are two tangible consequences, it' Dr. Stevens

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Since Dr. Archibald reviewed the literature of tetanus in this Society

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ovate or oblong. In the living cell undergoing amoeboid move-

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Paris. — At the recent meeting of the British Medical Associa-

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believe that the aqueous and alcoholic extracts of syphilitic organs

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observed in cases of lymphangitis : the glands are only in exceptional

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is constipating in its effects, so is useful in scouring calves

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"Should anything occur to prevent the due execution of the will,

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with regard to those contained in this collection. For

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measures proposed seemed to the audience to be most reasonable and

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mastoid, biceps, diaphragm. The cellular tissue; fat. The skin and its

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issue that follows. The method of operation does not differ

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the latter body. (2) Albumoses: Mathes has proved that deutero-albumose

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leading from the expiratory valve of the mouthpiece (see Fig. 177).

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did not exist any germs of pus globules, nor any pus globules.

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investigations and observing the results of treatment, and

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207. When for any reason it is necessary to use three bearers in load-

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tion of the fields of vision, or cutaneous anaesthesia, or a history of

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be found for the severe pain. The symptoms in the case which