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tion; sinking of the eyes in the orbits; general loss of sensi-

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a few fine meduUated fibers of normal appearance were seen enter-

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general fibroid change, and one case in which Gull and Sutton's oft-described

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deficiency also extending as a spina bifida downwards to the

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To all which I object — firstly, that the chlorides in the stomach are

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tion. I made a sufficient incision in the middle line of the neck,

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let the chamber rest quietly for about five minutes. Count the

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Infiltration and nodules give rise to less pain than ulcerative

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toms described under the name of locomotor ataxy is complex,

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operation. In the first aase there was a wound of the

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- "It is pitiable to observe .this young and beautiful woman, just in the

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To epitomize the twelfth annual session of the National Eclec-

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all, we have left for the practical surgeon and for the

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medicine will not take the place of food."— E. A. JENNINGS, M. D., Provident Dispensary, 62 W.

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cially in the left iliac region, that I gave the same on the fifth and

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additions we find caudal myectomy for gripping of the reins.

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A cow can sometimes suckle two calves, especially if a

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an increased secretion from the kidneys is usually observed, and

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In endeavouring to interpret these curves one has to remember

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prednisone 50 mg side effects for dogs

chondritis, 11 cases; perichondritis, 11 cases; exostosis, 4 cases; and

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spine, would decide in favor of neuritis. The diagno-

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iu claiming that the neuron doctrine has received its

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and dilVicult jiroblem. Sometimes the mental outweighs the

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practice it is most frequently met with between the ages of 50 and 60,

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infrequent. In one year, at the Massachusetts General Hospital, out of

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a fault of the patient, but as a disease which calls for the

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rheumatic from septic cases by the character of the cocci found in