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trophy of right ventricle; relative insufficiency of the tricuspid valve; passive
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1892 he came to the Hospital to see me, and was in good
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Laminitis (founder), the use of the rolled heel and toe
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stenosis was made by Dr. Donnally, and he was referred to me for operation.
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Blondes are more sensitive than brunettes. In the latter the delay
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secretion of the mother's milk, which will take place before it succumbs
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ward, (2) the dressing tent or ward in which the ambulatory wounded
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cysts may open into the pleura, and give rise to a rapidly fatal pleu-
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City, to fill the responsible Chair of Theory and Practice
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Benzoated Paraffine, Destruction of Surgical Dressings by . . . .160
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son, I. E., 232; leucopathia unguium — a peculiar affection of the
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