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By D. M' ALPINE, F. C. S., Lecturer on Botany, Edinburgh.

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member. This contraction of the paralysed side causes consider-

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mechanical means. The diversity in the methods adopted

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4. In glycosuria following attacks suggestive of pancreatic

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other cases, when for diagnosis or treatment a very rigid diet is necessary,

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"The order in which these subjects are named is not without significance.

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autopsy of a man, aet. 35, who died of tuberculosis of the lung

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Operation. — Ether anaesthesia; resection of the edges of the cutaneous and

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monary disease. Removal of uvula was followed by prompt gain of

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chial mucous membrane, and consequently the broncho-pneu-

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not think of using the stairway — and, indeed, the stairwayTs not

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important part, of the operation. The hemmorrhage arrested, it remains

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Is a complete treatise on the subject it discusses, and Is very flill in

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increase in strength ; and experiments go to prove that it may be main-

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the Calf-killer creek to water my horse; my attention was there attracted

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were before the operation of the heat; this stops the per-

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both are divided into a right and left half by a length'

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the stricture as a guide, and the urethra opened, the stricture searched for, a

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Let us examine some of the specimens presented. Fraud

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cism of local authorities. Nothing has made it so difficult to secure good

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if only to enjoy the social amenities and the pleasures of pro-

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anrl req>?<)sting me to come on to see about it, I arrived

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very important to recognize them at once and to know

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and if all would observe them as they may easily do, there

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membrane. The disease tends to the effusion of serum, and of

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mote a more copious flow of the "health-giving liquids." By

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School in 1944, Dr. Kleifgen interned at General Hos-

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ture in these injuries is rarely exceeded, it may be

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frequent desire to urinate, seeing things red or purplish; with or

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Suffice it to say that the consensus of opinion now is, that

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animals was made with a view of checking the ravages of an-

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Gazette, vol. ii., 1863, p. 463. The patient was a policeman of intelligence, aad