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day by Professor Logan, assisted by Professor Ford and by Drs. A. H. Cag^

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PARSLEY. — Pound some young parsley and bread crumbs


pregnancy. In the whole range of physiology and pathology no

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tem of treating lunacy in England. Dr. Charlesworth, to whom

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area of the United States (1916), 91 in Great Britain (1916) and 48.2 in

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such a case, when dealing with so serious a condition

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lowed sudden flooding of the peritoneal cavity from

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pubiotomy. Died in a few days of tuberculous broncho-pneumonia.

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be absolute ; indeed, the great aim in treatment is not

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administration. There is power under the clause we have already

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gidity or resistance. In children it is of a whitish-red, in adults

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auricle is correspondently short, and examined in the preecordial re-

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accumulates during the winter season, and from these sources is con-

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And this brings me to the second principle of diagnosis,

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it is resorted to, the better. A single bleeding at this time is more effectual,

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the class during the session, I shall read to you a table which

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the various tempests and vicissitudes of life, developed the kind of man

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ough scrubbing with soap and water a bichloride poul-

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been acknowleded as suffering with an uterine affection

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difficult and at times impossible to answer. The following are

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yond reach of temptation, for that would be merely a post-

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On auscultation, in the aortic area both sounds are faint, and the first

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toms due to pericarditis with effusion. If it is present, and the symptoms are

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the patient's life, during which, time he was fed at the breast, there

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longitudinally, a piece taken out, and reapplied with a bandage.

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considered that the kidneys were greatly degenerated, and when it would

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Hystcralgla, Neuralgia of the uterus. — The irritable uterus. —