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occur and sometimes result fatally. Dr. J. M. Ball (New York

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of infection — the air, the hands of the operator and his assistants^

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In 1904 Borrel advances the idea of the bacterian nature

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and a quart of water was forced up. On the withdrawal of the tube,

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Impotency in either sex, does not necessarily produce barrenness.

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wall or, more frequently, in the posterior, in which case it must

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1841. Dr. Amariah Brigham, cm Insanity as a subject of Medical

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partner. Both may learn the sacredness of the marriage relation,

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Du. HoMBEROER Stated that his experience had taught

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after an impression has been made with opiates and mercurials, quinine,

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nation had become established beyond rational dispute.

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Drs. Knight and Goodsell were appointed said Committee.

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tues of sunlight, but for this reason, as I have already mentioned,

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