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but also from his personal character. He seemed to feel
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ments recognized, one of a physical and physiologic and
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need give no alarm; it settles on the bottom of the bottle in a yellow
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operation and its results. With a straight needle the wire is passed beneath
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round spores or micrococci, which afterward develop
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difficulty of accurate pathological investigation in numerous cases
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will apply generally to surgical operations on the brain.
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served that this common epidermal staphylococcus liquefies gelatine and
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increased pain and she could not run or dance. At the
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more recently advocated computer-generated ones, 14 may be
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Again : the membranes of the brain and spinal marrow may be
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raise one above the dead level of the mass of humanity. Hardly
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will find gives prompt relief in retention of urine, is unequalled in Pyelitis, Cystitis,
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Orleans is derived chiefly from the report of the Board of
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Autopsy : Aneurism, size of fist, on right and posterior wall ot ascending
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s.n. 102 diseases. Trans, from French. (New Syd. Soc.)
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vious year. In Paris further indications of the grad-
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tho ttiitĀ«!ri()r or poHtcrior lioriifl, and lliti coltiiuii tixlomU
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iVIrs. Q , sixty-five years of age, had senile cat-
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woven with our existence at every point that we have a thousand ad-
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The Monthly Labor Review for Februaiy, 1920.^ gives the fol-
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lined by a pyogenic membrane. These apparent cavities, when of
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Elections for membership take place in April and No-
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be, there is no doubt that an almost extreme limit has been reached, and
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Alumni Association of the Medical Department of the Univer-
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limits. that do not encroach on the frank hyperchromatism of
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stomach. The inner surface of the organ was smooth.