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geons, New York. New York: D. Appleton & Co. 1887. (Re-
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Tilton, Grace Louise, 1 Lanark Road, Arlington, Mass.
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valuable notes from Nathan Smith's lectures on " Theory
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company-bearers shall render first aid to the wounded,
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Laboratory : Yonkers-on-the Hudson- Office: 1 82 Fultotl Street, New York.
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ment, etc. — probably more sensitive than other parts. A slow
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upper parts of the cerebro-spinal axis, not as usual in the lower. The
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I find myself again almost losing sight of my text, owing to
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cation in hooping cough, either over the stomach or the spine.
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limbs. At the same time involuntary escape of the urine was noted.
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bear any close relation to the degree of the myopia.
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together for the production of vocal tone. In the great majority
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needles in the upper extremities, but none in the lower. There was no reflex
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