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that these three functions are wrapped up closely together, and
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as if the lesion might be peripheral or central, or a combination of both.
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death in no less than twenty of the series. Pneumonia occurred
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retained for several days, after which the bowel rebelled and
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tended with positive results ; the pustules were small on the third day, but
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administration of one dose of from three to five minims of typhoid-
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opinion that alopecia areata is of trophoneurotic origin
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In 1894, the first year the varieties were grown at this
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made to evacuate the collection of blood by a trocar and canula,
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third time with similar symptoms. He had risen early in the
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tion of the bones which could be distinctly seen at the bottom of the
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side of which a four-inch iron tube extends downward
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a mild attack of scarlet fever, followed by whooping-