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support him in preferring the local method in such cases as are
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good for all cases of indigestion, and may be freely used.
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must lie in its own structures. When, however, we come to
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that possibly the elevations in temperature were merely nervous.
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At London a guarantee fund of $5750 was raised, but
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pyogenic organisms were present to any considerable extent. It was noted that
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and other jiarts of the animal economy, the effect was
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years ago had a hemiplegia on left side, aocompanied by a nervous irritability
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squirrels examined. Upon dissection active vermicules measuring
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who, at his decease, bequeathed the sum of $100,000 to
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virtue, accompanied by a sincere interest in the welfare of the person to whom
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as far as I'm concerned, only I hate to think of Miss Johnson
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perception of objects, is required ; and this not only
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Dr. W. A. Morrison, charging neglect of a patient (Mrs. Har-
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There are two distinct species of Psorojptes, viz., P. natalensis
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in which there has been a marked increase of lymphocytes shortly
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be diluted to 0.5 per cent. NaOCl with 1.4 per cent, sodium
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well portrayed ; ninety-two county authorities, prepared to
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explores them, are an unimpeachable proof of Divine Wisdom.
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tion' reaction is probably the more correct in this case. -
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any symptom of congenital syphilis, and as to the dates of occurrence
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of the mouth, with the exception of those undertaken by Quincke and
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the forefinger. I removed all the projecting growth, partly
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the blood, dried them with a soft cloth and bibulous
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members had, in other cases, ever noticed the association of the telangiectatic
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That I may be fully understood I will add a word or two by way of