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snare in situ, securing the vessels of the pedicle or stump for
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activities. The field is new and almost unexplored, but there is already
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look like little tubers or bulbs ; each one is a little bunch or " push " on the sides of the air-blad-
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is composed of two quite sharply defined areas: one (fig. 8, a)
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and those which grow near the surface present a lobu-
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right posterior lung. A 22-gauge fine needle (>) is positioned in
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happy to continue to do so. Not having been able to hear from it for a
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This is not an isolated case, and in some sections of the
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lished in practically every place where such were needed, while
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subsequent remarks seem harsh, if they seem to condemn more
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cure, said to have been composed of arsenic and lead. In another
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did the inflammation ever re-appear in the least." — Striking and convin-
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Mallory's phosphomolybdic acid hematoxylin, carmine, CajaFs
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Cor. Mem. — Boston Soc. Nat. Hist., Boston, Mass.
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the uterus, and Elliott has demonstrated the inhibitory action of epi-
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the simpler and gentler must be the treatment. Thus
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same time into Mauritius, and later again into Ec'union, a rather
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at once be abolished, such as burns, escape of the paraffine into the
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Eoss ^ considers neuralgic, as well as the agonising enteralgia
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gate vicious animals. It quiets cough, promotes constipation,
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sources of prevention of this desired result which I have
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trices, and also on the hands, the nails of which had a variegated
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A Dictionary of the English Language. By Joseph E. Worcester,
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1980 and feels the present action is mandatory to keep pace
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This disease, like many others which have decimated the
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algesia found. Leaving both these factors out of the