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Capt. Eric Alfred Charles Fazan, M.C., Royal Army Medical Corps.
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Society, and the City Board of Health, and has estab-
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allowance being made for the position of the muscle. All the fibres acting
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ily medicine, for all cuts, or recent wounds, either among
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least suggestive of carcinoma. Cachexia is always absent in the ear-
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veloped after the fever had entirely disappeared. A few of
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during child- bed ; yet this opinion has poflfefTed the
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2. The translation and publication of nursing text-books.
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ter showing in every respect than their fellows. It is his-
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or the periosteum, the last condition being usually called a felon.
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represented as defective, b^ng very damp and ill adapted for ventilation.
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Disappointed as I weis with this result, it was with mixed
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pensaries in the State un<ler the juri-<diciion of th<;
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honey flowed away. This fluid was glistening with cholcsterine.
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be kept up. The combination of cardiac sedatives, diaphoretics
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VII. — Table Showinu Number of Days undke Treatmkjjt of
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Qradoattng Clsss of 1868 and 1864, and oonneeted with the medical stair
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The faculty of erery regular constituted college or charted school of
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houses, so that, by the end of July, at least a dozen dis-
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method would have to give way to the intraperitoneal, and he liad
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misapplication of others, which , suffice to break up certain of his leading catego-
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of amylene hydrate. The patient, after a time, unwilling
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138. Encyclopeedia Britannica, 9th ed., vol. v., p. 417.
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ported and extended his discoveries, are honored with little less
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ther emphasized by these two additional cases, that