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they can only be detached and removed in fragments, and in

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We have seen above that, according to the observations of

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gallons. Into the carotid artery inject a solution of

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side of the chest, fever, &.c. His health now began to fail more

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tion, to the water acidified with nitric acid, produces a heavy

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lowing results. In the first place, if continuously applied, it quickly produces

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we should regard them as very serious lesions, suggesting intra-

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these unclean embraces proving often monstrous, as a just

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afforded in the first case (Case 1, Hosp. No. 2600) to contrast the

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phied that the results are poor, as the intra-abdom-

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of 14.9 per cent. Intravenous injections of colloidal silver have been used by

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anything to the general store. Yet^ when considering these

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the line, in order of rank from right to left; the rank

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a. Pills of perchloride of iron. Of these pills, from

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will apply generally to surgical operations on the brain.

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be considered before one battle can be properly compared with

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Some months later the swelling again formed in the inner

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and the assumption by the cell of the polygonal form of the embryonal

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seems to be a danger of casting aside much that is good in adopting

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two cases of hyperpyrexia, the two fatal cases and nine very

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Harris and others to establish a chair of oral sur-

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the nerves are affected, the disease seems to run its

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(d) Careful supervision of food and drink. When cholera is