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nowhere else in the world can you find such a variety

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(Fig. 669). This cavity should be packed with sterile gauze and

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immediately after the ball has been administered, with

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elbow to the shoulder-joint. The fingers could be passed

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who rally around the many new theories of medical science and medical

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door panels are also rounded, so there may be no lodging place

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very characteristic anatomical feature of this form of dysentery. It may

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we live. Has this Association done its share in securing such

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cases: one which he reduced by taxis imder anesthesia, one by injection

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4. After the involution of the pocks : invaccinated diseases, for example

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hemorrhage she succumbed within twenty-four hours after delivery.

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systolic and diastolic pressure will be appropriate.

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and necessary in a very large number of cases to dis-

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the functions of which are designed to be absolutely and

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blood is given. Urine mixed with salt is used to prepare sal ammoniac.

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My present experience compels me to conclude that, although

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the farms, and especially J. S. Meyer of Lander, for his untir-

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muscular spasm may be very difficult to elicit. In these

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that had been greatly neglected by the medical joro-

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crucial ligaments may be diagnosed. To cause rupture of both crucial ligamenta

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ganic constituents of mammalian blood serum, Locke found that an

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the patient is in that state of insensibility which is usual in chloro-

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is the rule in the chronic form of the malady. Goodhart's

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? grey matter of the anterior cornua, where it produces long

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and W. H. Robinson to read papers at the April meeting, and

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Councillors — Drs. C. A. Carleton, D. Coggin, H. Colman, W. W.

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And I submit further, that in view of Canada's great domain

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