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E. Fractures which have been impossible to reduce (or

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Surgery (Orthopedics). Assistant Attending Orthopedic

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passed for the Governor in Council to transfer the medical adminis-

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of 1911, when in the first month of pregnancy. The attack consisted merely of

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wood, 4 oz., soft sonp, 2 oz., glue, 4 oz., vinegar 1 pint.

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taken a piece of ordinary rubber hose (such as is used

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Does the genetic hypothesis of obesity lead to fatalism? We

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Now begin the perforating suture at the mesenteric margin. The

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Brower, Ross Belin. Assistant Professor of Public Health.

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and "Goitre," by Professor Adami, of Montreal, thus form a trio which may be said

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of recurrence following childbirth were taken into account.

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