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actually forty weeks, and the latter figure is to be
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varying types of the disease, and concludes that a general infection in
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this is done until the water comes off tasteless ; the powder is then
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wounds became covered with a dirty looking false membrane,
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her belief that she had a heart disease, as some of her friends and a doctor
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I imagined some one was coming into my room. I don't think I should
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than he did ten years ago, he simply cuts right around the cervix down
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under the influence of the gnawings of hunger, voluntarily en-
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" In 1892 I was married to Miss Henrietta Boughton, of Salem, N. Y.
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Location. — In one lung called right or left lateral pneumonia; in
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hunter, the polo pony, the hackney, the shire horse, etc.
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of vaso-motor instability, viz., habitual coldness of the hands
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not far distant when lie will be brought back to a just appreciation
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we may make this inquisition with reference either to its
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carried to the nearest lymphatic gland, and, being too large to traverse
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\ In the Appendix is given the Treasurer's report, the
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fermentation is pronounced from excessive acidity, sodium
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pensaries were saown and here were some particularly interesting tables
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a succession of poultices, and to his great surprise,
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the line of the renal vessels. That such a condition might
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uation of the bladder was made, resulting in capillary
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times enormous. In slowly developing Ascites, as in the case of Stron-
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licited by one professing to possess a peculiar power
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British at GalUpoli, but intelligent prisoners stated that no cases
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with heavy dendrites and his ''sensory type" with slender den-
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he explained that the diagram of a section of tlie broad ligament
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ing by these facts one infers that such laws have been
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Sinkler. Transactions of the American Neurological Association, 1896
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that only after adoption was the child found to have physical
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was in August and September, 87 ® . The mean temper-
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• Very frail — partially dependent in daily living activities.
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endocarditis was found after death. So, too, Eoeser had a case of fatal
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