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34. Ross. Practitioner, 1882, vol. xxix. p. 168. — 35. Sinclaie. Lancet, 1885, vol. ii.

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9,<x>o ft. Union Pass, August 10, 1894 (No. 873); Centennial Val-

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Decomposition has commenced. Adipose tissue abundant beneath the

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Bibliotheca medico-chirurgica pharniaceutico-chemica et vet-

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been guilty of a mean crime; but I have been actuated more by a desire to reform than to punish them. Many

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particles of inert powders in suspensions (kaolin, sulphur, etc.) carry

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For further information, literature and professional opinions, address the author and publisher.

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Dr. A. K. Bond has resigned the editorship, owing to the

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learn something about the life history of mosquitoes.

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Thus, even if the disease is recognized at its very beginning,

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urethra. Retention of urine can often be prevented by a subcutaneous

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exceeding the discoloration in jaundice or that in yellow fever;

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down through the centre of the lesion, and the dropsical degeneration begins

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Small stones were present at pathology in all seven. Thus, the