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drilled open with Lister's probe forceps, but closed in three weeks, although

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system. Such cases as Predtechensky^^ refers to would be examples,

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of Columbia, Nashville and Worcester one each. From erysipe-

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This combination of functions flourished in France.

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sorted to, earlier or later, a successful result is bound

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more we consider the problem, the more it is seen to be

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his patient is suffering from pulmonary tuberculosis.

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according 'to Reynier, constitutes an infallible sign for an

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toms of an acute phthisis, which proves fatal within a few weeks.

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The preliminary treatment (i.e., hardening in absolute alcohol)

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the child learns to utter the word ; later by visual impressions when it

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ordered, and rolled in a stout wooden tub to the bath-

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volution), and other subjects; the brilliancy of these makes us

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operate ahke in all countries. The following table gives a review of the

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have the beginnings of our clinical and experimental work in the

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tered by faulty modern methods of infant feeding. Unfor-

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is reached most rapidly if he aftqrwards assumes the knee-elbow

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dividual who had not the bounding, although remarkably muscular, yet has

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This should commence with a spoonful of pure honey, and an excellent supper might

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containing carcinogenic hydrocarbons. J. Nat. Cancer Inst.,

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and should not be expended on the task of digestion for they should

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the similarity of the bite of the mad dog and the wound of

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might have owed little to the earlier Greeks. But there

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of rules governing the operation of curettement I would an-

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becomes clogged, it is usually coughed up, and, as a

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cocci, although the latter may be at times oval. It is called a bacillus by

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treated by a specially prepared vaccine. The patient was a man, set. 56,

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reliable barometer, by which the effect of general treatment may

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at intervals for three or four days, while the skin gradu-