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presentation is rendered more difficult througTi having the hind feet in

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ent of the Baptist Hospital of Birmingham and on January

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several parts of Cornwall with great severity. In his description we

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to cause retention of food particles. The material alluded

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she had the information provided hy the EMG equipment.

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the kidneys or to speak perhaps more correctly disease of the

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Unless we can find among these causes some one which is never

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The leaves bruised and applied outwardly to the stomach

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leeches and blisters are frequently mentioned. The last we opine

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rooms how these rooms are lighted and ventilated whether the patient

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severe cases have a lowered threshold. This lowered threshold may

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of zinc or phosphate of iron. They may prove useless but they

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College Hospital and to the Hospital for Sick Chil

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dust which is so abundant there. Traveling upon the cars always

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tions. But all these improvements leave the work a demonstration

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The authors proceed to observe that when the body in which

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The arteries were tied with Juniper catgut and the ends cut

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The influences which predispose to the development of

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ing the abscess. lt n inciHing the tumor ihre days later thin

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and there was considerable increase of connective tissue. The

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influence. Perhaps this occurs under the incubative period when often