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greatly in different epidemics, but it is never common. Bancroft observed

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Certainly, as soon as it can be accomplished without displacing the

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into common use for antesthetic purposes, has already pro-

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towards the end it may become markedly accelerated, and in some cases

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it to slip over the head and avoid danger of strangulation.

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Toxicology, and the chemical and microscopical chafacters of morbid

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we draw from these experiments are that the immune response as

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bined with lime, iron, potash, etc. It is not made by compounding these articles

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Peaslee (Dr. E. R.) on Displacements of the Uterus 19, 127, 267, 321

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soil, they are valuable to plow under in the green state as

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Rush, we are as sensible of and as much affected with as

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Burgeon John F. Head, U.S. A., will relieve Burgeon W. Grinfited,

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the shanks near the vulva. Pressing downward with the hand upon

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ceps," but much larger, are used. For cutting the stiff gauze

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proved to be utterly insufficient. The endeavors that we, as

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number of para B infections have been detected in the routine examina-

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both immediate and late — Duval claims to have materially reduced

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but which are harmless without the intervention of intermediary bodies.

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to which the present paper is devoted. He establishes seven shades, varying from a pale

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five cases still alive, with recurrence, the muscles were removed

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now brought under the operation of constant laws; that no

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