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Savin Oil. This agent is usually taken with a purpose,

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congenital amaurosis, in which the eyeballs seem nor-

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in aqueous solutions in springs and brooks and in rivers draining

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The Treatment of Syphilis 210 Antisyphilitic Treatment for Obesity 216

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fold of a house, a distance of eighteen feet, to the

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hospital, and from the evidence of her mistress, which is thoroughly reliable,

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of phlegm is raised. If the stomach is full the retching ends in

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ively increasing doses are then injected subcutaneously into guinea

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pregnancy, and in whom the following series of events had oc-

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removal can be efJected more easily and with less hemorrhage

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such a variety of organs, that every principle of medicine points to a

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since it may at any time be called into action. Its tissues consequently

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toms every forty-eight or seventy-two hours. Quotidian

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attack, as in severe cases the rash may be very scntay. As a rule three

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condition by treatment of the vesicles in the male. It undoubtedly

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a patient that he felt better was worthless, and until Dr.

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September 25. Only 1 yellow spot of skin- graft left, which is now still brighter

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«tain that certain changes occur in the ganglion-cell structure.

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April 22-24— Rheumatology for Primary Care Physicians. UCSF at Shera-

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animals, either in single or repeated doses, either large or small. It

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University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, by Milton J. Rosenau,

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Young Belle — But I know one of the saints who approves of it

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water upon the human body, it remains to refer to flte mechanical effect.

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soon as at all suspected to be likely to occur ; keep the hoofs pared

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generation of gas is due to the presence of vegetable fluids found in

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delegates to Washington to determine in regard to the matter. At a

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2 drachms, cinnamon water sufficient to make the mix-

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disease, although fatal in eighty-four per cent, of the