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this tissue as given by a French society of laryngol-

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Baxter, J. H . Colonel and Chief Medical Purveyor. — Will

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victims. Desgenettes states that dysentery killed a greater number

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more than the person benefited by the treatment could

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elbow-joint to the foot is, necessarily, placed in one and the same

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II. It is unnecessary to speak at length of the general and moral

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connective tissue, that it could not be removed without tearing this

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not enjoyed such freedom from pain for twenty-six years; had

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1951. Snape, William J., Cooper Hosp., Medical Arts Bldg., 5th Floor, 300 Stevens St.,

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le most beneficial efif'ects, in all ciises of nervous af^

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was discharged through the fistulous opening in the gall-blad-

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the truth should be proclaimed, that I prove my faith by my works,

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only 61 .2% of the children who were in shelter participated

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To the transverse processes are fastened the muscles

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our lady thistle, is an excellent thing for her breeding of milk,

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years Vi^ith such a singularity of aspect, as it has been the present year. The

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into a thick batter. Butter square tin pans, fill them about

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these adverse conditions ; and to aid the preventive

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1877. Surgeon-in-cliief, City Hall Park and 99th Street Accident Hos-

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Sometimes, they are scarcely visible to the naked eye : at other

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not new. Mercurialis thought that it was liable, even after the lapse of years,

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tesy and gentlemanly bearing of the speakers towards each

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^ihonaphtol and other disinfectants in saucers and other

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adequately only by medical men, not to speak of their special

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secondly, from the fact that they are hereditary. Insanity is

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early life or in foetal life; perhaps chiefly at the time

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Dr. J. W. Moore says that in his hands the following line of

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prepared both from the central nervous organs of human beings,

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the eczema of the cheeks that had been present before

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known of the other metabolic factors. Little value can be attached to

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But when the pains, whatever may have been their seat, are

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excitement, or by standing. When a foal must be brought

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Hygienic Exhibition, in the district of Potsdam, near Moabit,

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it very frequently a degree of overwork that is extremely inju-