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tient. The experiment is easy and harmless. — Gaillard's Medi-
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proved, there will be little difficulty in understanding the close relation-
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Judging from the amount of mineral matter present, one pound
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the different methods of treating wounds antiseptically have
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childhood because of the greater irritability of the nervous sys-
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relapse under similar circumstances ; such as going to a boarding school,
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useful information, including clear instruction as to
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of the needy physician at home, and often to the great injury
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The number of bacteria which have been cultivated from the human mouth
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cow-pox, horse pox, sheep-pox, cattle plague, or any other radically dis-
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obvious swelling or joint effusions were present in his ex-
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disorders are sometimes attended with convulsions. If there is no
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mucilaginous drinks to promote vomiting. The salt produces
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fact vrhich alone testifies to its popularity, and though the latter does
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is found to be comparatively the most favorable in syphilis,
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straight line joining the 1st dorsal and last lumber spinous processes.
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by infiltration within and exudation upon its surface.
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the intracranial vessels, or to embolism, or thrombosis
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dons themselves being normal. The horse evinces pain on pres-
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express company, but whose horse was kept at a different stable.
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The lesions in the mucous membranes have much similarity in both. No
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adequate opportunity for observation, reflection and comparison.
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structures, may be presented to view. The length of the wound
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was supposed to be transferred from the patient to the
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each other in their symptoms, a resemblance which is explained rather by
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in the table will, I trust, explain themselves : —
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1898 d. — An economical consideration of fish paraskes <Bnll. U. S. Fish Com.,
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fourths of patients with laryngeal diphtheria requiring operative interfer-
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thei-e may be diarrhoea. He feels chilly and feverish, and recognises.
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mucous membrane into the bladder, to be spontaneously
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caused by constitutional debility, scrofulous diathesis, or by ex-
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to remember how it raged among our troops in the depth of the severe
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detailed the methods by which opium was smuggled into
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die between the third and eighth day from septic meningitis, due to
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suria. Frugoni,'^* however, found that the inhibitory effect is obtained
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I find myself again almost losing sight of my text, owing to
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accompanied the man of physic on his round of visits. The pre-