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human subject, which is known to be the result of faulty nutri-

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ant quantity of air, entering into veins, collects first in the

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generally extends more deeply on the inner side of the uterus

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special excitant of the uterus becomes an important weight in the

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contains less butter and caseine. This difference renders it impossi-

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Seaton. Haiulbook of Vaccination, chap. xiv. p. 320. London, 1868. — 33. Supple-

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No infection arose and he recovered rapidly, apparently none the

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sometimes in the enjoyment of excellent health, in others in which

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pyrethrum in the closed apartment, using about one pound to the

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degree. The arms also are too short — the finger-tips never reach

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The main purpose of the field work was to secure ma-

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every family. The existence of health being essential to the enjoyment of any

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of each 3 drachms, subcarbonate of soda, 2 drachms,

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tained in the ' first field-dressing ' supplied to each soldier on

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found in 239 out of 630 houses, or 37.9 per cent, and

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cluded from this article ; but a form of subacute or subchronic ophthal-

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Aberrations of this kind occur occasionally ; they differ from those

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indicating recognition of the fact that in all matters

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Cover-glass preparations of the blood showed many leucocytes. Cover-glass

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the phenomena of sunstroke to depressed function of the cerebro-

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feeble. After two days, the transudation-liquid produced was (on the day be-

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the year 1803 was $1,760,480,273, an increase of only i per cent., which might easily hav<

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and out of government, about “diagnostic centers”

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covered. In all the cases there was more or less difficulty in swallowing and

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Boston will soon have completed the best system of sewers in

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conditions. Thus, each period of aggravated hay-fever was followed

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practical lines, and therefore valuable to students.

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to resemble a disseminated neoplasmic growth, while in the neck they

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Mm image by a voluntary act of consciousness. To aid

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until it reaches cholinergic synapses in the peripheral ner-

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Medical Schools I will say littie, referring you to the

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into powder, and mixed with lard or oil, making what is

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newspaper reporter is to be believed, largely officered

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count of the more frequent scouring demanded by that

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Scldatter in Switzerland added in 1903 certain cases of relatively

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measles, and many other diseases, as well as all intermittents,

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that the whole leg looks outward, while at the same time

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In most cases the high operation is best. The incision should

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But even this serious consideration has not placed the static

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ples, thereby endangering not only their own lives, which may be of little

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perceptible. As a rule, the electrical contractility

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immediately after the ball has been administered, with

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season begins. Cromolyn can also be used on an intermittent

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therefore it appears that carnal copulation is not good ; but

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is concerned in the production of local inflammatory exudates. These