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trophy of right ventricle; relative insufficiency of the tricuspid valve; passive

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first in an haemoptysis, which is followed immediately, or after

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fibroid" change is supposed to lessen the elasticity of the walls of the minute

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arises in the treatment of the early stage ; but in the slight cases, where

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I expected to give relief; \ told him my plan wai9 to

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given at the Owens College in 1885, and of several contributions

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The Danger of G-alvano-caustic Chemical Currents of High

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explain many. Local injuries by swallowed bones, needles and

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of nerve-rest, water-cures, sanitarium treatment, and journeys

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to give him their opinions. He also took the advice of

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may inspissate secretions and reduce ciliary function, ef-

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in all it is much reduced. Digestion is therefore slow and imperfect ;

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The Methyl Ester. — The base, obtained by decomposition of the

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at 8 A.M., but are slighter than before, and the last two have not been followed by perspiration.

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1901 a.— Idem. Reprint. 2 pp., 4 figs. 8°. [Genova.] [Lib Stiles.]

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nected with the axillary vessels and drains the upper extremity.

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to death, as he imagined — being condemned, — and unco-

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Chester, Dr. John M. Clarke and Dr. LaSalle Archambault.

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took a fancy to the dilapidated old thing. We insisted on his

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(From the Medical Service of Dr. Thomas McCrae and the Department for Diseases

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ble cases of &ta] errors will be materially diminished.

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legation there is constantly in receipt of letters from persons ask-

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Opposition to the liquor tax had been increasing steadily, as had the need for

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Ink, Ticketing, for Drapers, Grocers, &c. — These inks are

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horses, as well as of man, and is the cause of much of the

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an assistant in the cure of contracted feet. What is meant

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amalgamate with it a heaped tablespoonful of flour ; mix the

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Again (pp. 195, 196), we are told that a patient had his thigh ampu-

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he is free from organic or other disease, and from constitutional weakness, or

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himself and family, becomes a member of the Friendly

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cations calling our attention to an announcement issued in small

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principles of right public action are in the main non-medical, or deter-

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so various that it would fill a volume to describe; and

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Capt. Eric Alfred Charles Fazan, M.C., Royal Army Medical Corps.

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ficient," says a Chinese writer on the subject, "to