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with catgut may be passed under the bleeding point and
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great vascular engorgement. The lesion, which is com-
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chondritis Deformans Juvenilis, while Legg suggests the name
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He considers that at present we are absolutely ignorant of the exact
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2. When the cord is allowed to remain for some time after instantaneous
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him and the building of [Donner Laboratory]. His son,
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semiflexed ; left elbow, wrist, and fingers also flexed.
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as to thoroughly dry the infected articles. He believes
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(usually found in the cervix) and the adenocarcinoma (most
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and so far as I can ascertain from those around, there was no cough ; and no
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fore he died. The last year was spent in California without
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12. Wilson, F. N. : Arch. Int. Med. 16:989 (Dec.) 1915.
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*Ily of Vermont.— The next Annml ConrH of Lectnrei will mm-
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noon. The patient was a yotmg man, recently married, who had
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they are taught, the men are required to dress in loose pants and
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calibrated well without the aid of the calibration cylinders.
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by human beings, the care that pregnant women receive can
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I tried to argue the, case with nim; but in vain. He
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resiunc of the scientific observations of various investigators, the
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albuminoids in a soluble state with only sufficient spirits added to preserve it. It con-
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pepper, dip them in oil, and broil over a clear fire, sprinkle
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do not wish to deny that in a highly cachectic person, who is
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a very torture, even to the oldest traveller. Every
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nor is there any difference in the latent periods of their contractions when