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the pharynx. A woman who suffered from the same morbid condition, and

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In the first place, Dr. Monell recommends the Holtz machine. On

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because I feel it obhgatory upon myself to give correct

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The degree of disease which this organism is capable of

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faintly traced through the thinned scalp, which is here generally

vermox plus indicaciones

It is certain that all these nucleotides differ from one another in

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places and their distances were not correctly given." Still, in spite of

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to its indirect action — interference with the utero-placental circula-

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The two unknown cases have imperfect histories, so that I cannot

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differential diagnosis, in a certain proportion of cases it

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room ; a current of pure air was kept constantly passing over

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cous surface of the localized peritoneal inflammation :

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wound of exit, which may be of practically the same size,

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disseminate sclerosis in which the knee-jerks are abolished are not

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Tracheotomy for ineinbranous laryngitis is now seldom done.

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certain essential respects, but inconvenient, as any

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it clandestinely, and thus rob the patentee of his just

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The foregoing should be borne in mind by the surgeon, and

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the cessation of the haemorrhage he began to use the cod-liver oil,

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nature and modus operandi of the remedies which they employ. In

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isolated a streptococcus. lie also discovered a similar organism

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whole province must learn that prevention of disease costs money,

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such as we find in beriberi, I cannot say I have ever recognised as a

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Dr. Wilson Fox at the previous meeting of the Pathological Society, was

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tunity to signalize his administration. If he served two

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have referred to it as an alterative and as an antiseptic. The

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only be approximately arrived at in a certain proportion of cases. The

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At the recent meeting of the British Medical Association

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weeks of treatment, patients are permitted to marry

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exceptions, a periodical discharge of mucus from the vagina.