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quite in agreement with Dr. Sibley that the employment of morphia as
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no case had it been necessary to repeat the dose more
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in the later stages of nephritis. For key to the diagram see the legend of
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their " go as you please " style, have but one object in view, and that is to
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the optician; for the presciption of glasses by the physician
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of stricture is not different from that employed in
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that the accident was the result of a blow given with the horns
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A. young child, not quite two years of age, was brought
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Operation. — Ether anaesthesia; resection of the edges of the cutaneous and
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flow and the size of the vessels. In this way Volk-
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recommended by Cruess for peas and beans, does not prevent the
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Dr. Lendrick on a Case of diffused Lumbar Abscess. 245
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moment in the saturated solution of gallic acid ; then withdraw it to
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serted themselves in a more constant and serious form and grad-
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The Surgery of the Rectum. Sixth Edition. Edited by Charles B.
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tions, has been found sufficient, except in the wards
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have their origin in certain changes of their structural elements, and to
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subsequent remarks seem harsh, if they seem to condemn more
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only exists. That being so, it would be in vain with our present im-
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some little distance from the hatchway to prevent the fresh
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picture to the psychical tics which may occur exclusively at the beginning
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He presented a historical reference to the literature
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sidered trustworthy, and the choice of one of these must be largely a per-
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has never been followed by ill results in my hands.
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study of medicine, and of reading, notes, dissections, ex-
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however, will fall to the new heir, and we cordially
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coptes is probably the one oftenest met with in mange. They
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Ne.xt to the Indians who suffer from these skin affections, are the English
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the sleepless part, ami worried — |iassively worried — i
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disease." Careful reading of the series of facts given in this volume
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based upon nerve conduction. Again, he points to the rapidity
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sinusoidal current recovered much sooner than the other. In another
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but this is a most fallacious comparison, as has been
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thought to cure the disease. But later on this treat-
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tion of which is stojppage of the hearths action by a blow on the epigastrium, the
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which case, the symptoms of infection will cease, provided there be
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