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pelvis, in which, notwithstanding the excitement of parturition in the seventh
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The Kern County Cattle Company claims to have about 75,000 acres of alfalfa
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structurally imperfect. In some instances it is more than
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of courage, fortitude, endurance and personal valor
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the tremendous impetus toward operation, to examine carefully
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turers of instruments and drugs in -Great Britain, the United States
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sible to bring the tibia down to its proper position,
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riculo-ventricular openings (valves) had been cut away,
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this drug produces running of the saliva, sickness, or
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1965. Gurin, Samuel, ph.d., scd.(hon.), University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, 36th
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Resorcin in Laryngeal Tuberculosis. — Dr. Frohnstein
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prefer one made similarly to Eichardson's local anaesthesia
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Darwin, and never have said that Darwinism was a scientific
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decay, but his pride made even this a matter of difficulty.
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satisfactory, but it unnecessarily confines and worries the cattle. One
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to four and one-half pounds pressure small bubbles of air
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are in the earlier stages of the process. For this reason, and also
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are always present, and the one that predominates the result is in accord-
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(All references should be medical, scientific, or scholarly
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seized is not to be used again for sheep until an Inspector has certified
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secretions. Its action on vaginal secretions is also very rapid. Two or three
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dered probably in the same way as visions of banquets occur
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the inferior parietal lobule is affected alone ; and the question is then
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New Brighton, spent the night there, and next day re-
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him to be of a meek dispositisn, honest, faithful, and secret
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the eyes, and chiefly affecting the fifth nerve, to true neuralgia
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without discomfort, and difficulty in holding the automobile
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Danyluk, Andrew Walter. Clinical Instructor in Ophthal-
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of the Malpighian bodies are transformed into a dense mass, but
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Tuttle, and others who stand before the profession for all that is
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cartilage was firmly secured in its natural place. The open-
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the presence of gummata and syphilitic inflammatory products in the
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ence of the soft elastic area, however, is a valuable aid in the
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France^' Tome XIIL). has the following passage: — "Madame de
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Registry; Northern California, contact Jim Ellis. (800)
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heart would not stand it. He was then lost sight of imtil the