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offers a different explanation of the phenomena. He supposes

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excessively sloppy or wet— for in this way, the bowels are

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where the author formerly used a 3 per cent, solution of carbolic

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that the dislocation was complete, both bones of the

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the driver, four recumbent and one sitting patient, or

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the 28th ; the turbidity disappeared after the first dose.

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The neuroses of the Malays are fairly well known. Latah, with

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compressed, it must be immediately discontinued. To remove

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iliac veins in the treatment of thrombophlebitis of the

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uneventful, and was practically complete when the child developed


of the skin of the dependent part. ' The vitality of the skin is lessened

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out any satisfactory cause being discernible, and which have

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By C. N. Meadoe, Lieutenant, Medical Corps, United States Navy.

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soluble salts of quinia, where the presence of acids in extemporaneous

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'61082 Latham, P. M. Collected works. 2 vols. (New Syd.

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Temperature. — The ordinary temperature curve of measles shows a

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from the brain or spinal cord of a rabid dog and followed by the dif-

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cided to establish a committee on Animal Diseases and Animal

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the surgeon's list is crowded with diarrhoeal, dysenteric,

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"Dioscorides, Mat, Med. iii; cf. Plutarch, Symp., v, 7.

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'rritant, operating on the nervous system, to produce

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The Sixth Congress of French-Speaking Physicians of North

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scured in the general inflammatory^ process. The process extended in-

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disease like glanders without central control, or by depend-

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of air under an open window, in winter on a shelf near the top of the

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of fresh albumen to the system, by interfering with assimilation." Frerichs

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