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polymorphous exanthem sometimes appears on the penis and

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flow. Then there »as a return of the profuse flow-

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experiment a test for nitric acid was also made by means of brucine.

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solution, and dressed it with antiseptic materials.

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and the opposite foot raised with a perceptible jerk accom-

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large spots of ecchymosis are present in the dependent portions. In some

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deep breathing became shorter and quicker, the pulse

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♦ stantly being intensified by man's selective agency. For

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in the arts. It is made into a useful varnish, with oil

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he is living at the highest metabolic level, higher than he needs by approxi-

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stimnlating them as they go by, I regard this as a needless

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cient absorption of the latter to produce death, then harm was prevented. In

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the Magistrate and Town Council, while for each county

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city, as indicated by the returns of the Bureau of Vital

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the night, however, it recurred with increased violence, and at

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quired to sign a bond, &c, and that if himself and

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passed a sound, No. 30, easily into the Viladder. Dr.

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tractions ; the prognosis is unfavourable, if the muscles react to

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run about under ground to a considerable distance and

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suming her healthy functions. In order to attain this object

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quickly over, and that there is no fear but she will have a

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first patient. By 1870 the hospital was crowded ; in 1875 appeal was made to the

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versal attention, several persons were exceedingly anxious

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and now found it difficult to reproduce his old dancing gait.

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from the influenza, which lias been prevalent among the natives.

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