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favor in England, somewhat with inditference in France, and

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over them. Fry them of a fine color with fresh dripping ;

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though it has been possible to obtain the organism in pure culture

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tioned. The symptoms resulting from these affections

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ofer the Sout. If you tliak _'-;! draps from that Experi-

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I have described here a simple, uncomplicated case of den-

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the 3 viij over six or eight days. If a cure is not operated by the first

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W. A. Drake, North Weymouth. J. W. Spooner, Hingham.

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season. Others may have been in search of more permanent

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fruit. Look at the fruit produced there today! Wyoming

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In arthritis deformans the marked implication of the smaller joints, the

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mouth. By the direct means of introduction of the con-

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with the salts, do not only assist their action, but in many

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little disabled for occupation in civil employment. When the_

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the remedy in their own hands. Prescriptions a)id orders should read

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frequent among Indian children, who do not drink any milk

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to attacks of the microbe of this disease. The earliest baldness

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down by the collision, shows the angle at which the bullet came

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display of initiative. Many of them are so dirty in their habits

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be steadily on the increase. It is not always necessary to resort to fara-

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dendrites or collateral branches arising either from the cell body

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Helfand's enthusiasm for the Museum's collection, which numbers over 1,500

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Abstract in Neurolog. Oentralbl. 1895, p. 177. — 8. Sachs. Journal of Nervous and

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Died on service on 14th December, Captain Henry Ruthvkn

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where witnessed, but discharges flow from the mucous membranes,

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The Committtee on Publication reports that Volume XLVTII for

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always entirely prevented, but all other evidences of

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In about one year ten of the resident staff contracted the

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pass downwards and likewise those passing inwards through the

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tumors), and the main features of cellular radiation biology. This is

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1. In cases of chronic nephritis, in a stationary condition, the

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port of it and send it in and it will help some one

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Hamilton, Jennifer H., BM, BCh, Assistant Professor

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confusing neuroglia fibers with non-meduUated nerve fibers,

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potash, freely injected, before the glycerine. I soon found a practical incon-

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mantles, bandages etc. constantly on hand. I also undertake the

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occurring in primaparae in whom they are most common and their result most

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ceptional. Indeed, in many intermediate cases, and even a few

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where they occur at intervals, and seem to be of service to the

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epigastric region, distended, tympanitic, very sensitive to

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health, but collected into dense opake flakes, and, for the most part,