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depends upon a shock received by the brain. And there are

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US as to permit me to speak from a large experience,


Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings at 7 o'clock, at

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September and October 1886. — Fifteen other cases occurred. This

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with those of the Medical Repository, of which the following arc but a

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2. General Therapeutics. — A conference course on therapeutic management;

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Tanglefoot, wire flv traps, and Japanese wheels are useful in

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test the diagnostic acumen of the most experienced. Even

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of soft sore, the patient is kept under observation for two or three

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toms. In the incipient stage the symptoms are those

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to such indulgences, throws considerable doubt upon such an origin

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quisite pleasure than I did during that half hour. I wouldn't then have

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3. Twenty-one per cent, of all troops examined showed a definite

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dO the beasts, and as many of them, fat no purpose un-

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to the right and to the left; the neck, which had sunken between its

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The cases may be divided, for convenience of anaty-

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For the cure of that which is curable, obstructions must

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has since been examining surgeon, pension department, at

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naiTOw and consequently erroneous. The specialism of our day

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only when required. We have only noticed a few misspellings, such as

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Dr. C. F. Keefe, of Ulster County, on March 23, 1889.

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there is a passage from the uniform to the multiform,

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Psychiatry. Associate Attending Psychiatrist, New York

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The cervical lymph nodes show the greatest enlargement, the axillary and

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in the right hypochondriac region. The greatest pain was also

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a serious disease of the lungs — with cold hands and feet, contracted chest

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generalization. The left kidney weighed five kilogs. and seven

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cian first and always and a speculator incidentally and acci-