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wound wa3 still bleeding. The pulse was very weak, the
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in which bactericidal action was demonstrable within twelve hours after
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cough that takes all the nerve out of the patient, keeping him de-
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action of any tissue, or sensibly deranging the constituent parts of the
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records 13 cases of secondary suture ; of these, Mr. Holmes
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a death-rate in his own practice of twenty-three per cent. Asepsis has
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down below the swallow, and took off scales of canker,
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Hypertrophy of the lungs, see Atrophy and Hypertro-
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operation, but within two or three days after the oper-
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that, an ounce of common potash in the same qu?antity of water :
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lip and the bony palate are thus left to the last, and the haemor-
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•15 inch in thickness. A leaden musket bullet *75 inch in dia-
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The popularity of the plays and players was so great that the theater
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spread along the Mediterranean coast to Asia Minor and Europe. But in
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most among which may be mentioned suppressed perspiration,
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found in other countries. Lemaire's statistics comprising a total
ale PiiKwiirf. imlivuliials fotiinl siistvptiMo should h« protctKnl with u prophylactic doso of Diphthnriu An-
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this assistance, but in many doubtful ones it has served to distin-
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In vertical meningitis, inflammatory conditions of the viscera and
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that there was an error in the digestion of nitrogen-
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may be inexpensively obtained of dealers in optical supplies, and the
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half an inch below the entry of the Fallopian tubes, the other at two
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