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the numerous and early recurrences after operation.

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tain more of the blood-forming principle to the pound, than meat;

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consideration as to degree, the only essential difference is a

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by the secretions and excretions leaving by the mouth and nose.

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he was, about three months before, attacked by vomiting, which

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given of essential progress in all other directions of general medicine.

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whisper, and felt much fatigue in doing so. During the summer

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The Vice-President, Prof. George Buchanan, in the Cfiair.

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time to bring this about, as we see demonstrated even under the exhaust-

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to my care infected. Their previous dressings had consisted of the alka-

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Tracheobronchial lesions conspicuous enough to be mapped out

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wall before changing the direction in order to explore a different area.

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Societes Savantes. Oct. pp. 150. Pi. 2. A Paris, 1825.

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On the subject of Worms in the bladder, ureter, and kidney, our author has brought

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We have so far considered in what is approximately their

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side, or so narrow as to cramp the foot, and produce

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siderable alcohol, but was never drunk or hallucinated, and had been for six

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loids have in restoring the blood pressure after hemorrhage (page 141).

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muscles. The tendency to this hyperplasia was congenital, but not hereditary,

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marked would be the result. We freely grant that the safe

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Attempted abortion, 1 ; menorrhagia, 1 ; miscarriage,

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scientific statement as to the results of an absolute proteid or a

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are, therefore, able to think and express their thoughts with an un-

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periodicity. A similar quotidian periodicity is usual in almost

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alteration in the renal excretory mechanism, the other not doing so.

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antigens should be employed, at least until some one system has been

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The total deaths registered, numbering 196, represent an

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of the papilla was normal with distinctly outlined borders. The papilla is white.

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are undoubtedly among the most important, from a veterinary

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asthma, senile pneumonias, fibroid lungs, chronic rheumatism, rheu-

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