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of the University of Minnesota Medical School in 1946,

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immediately after the ball has been administered, with

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to sit down, he requires to rest on his hands." In this statement,

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This second form of cerebral affection is that of a sudden attack

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methods are characterized by their constantly increasing protec-

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quite different from those with the mercury manometer. It will be seen

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throat diphtheria may arise from cases of diptheric wound infections has

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the discussion of subjects belonging to both fields of research. The

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sired place. The point to be preferred is toward the

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cupation and environment into which the life of the

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His previous communication (abstracted in this Journal, January 1906)

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practitioner a reliable means of ready reference, at once concise,

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Dr Styrt pointed out that Howell-Jolly bodies are not

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The method ad(3pted for examination and the animals employed

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their kind reception of his paper, and he hoped he had not been

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firmed, the police have to at once order the execution of the neces-

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<Bihang. t. K. Svenska Vetensk.-Akad. Handl., Stockholm, v. 15, Afd. 4(7),

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skin are produced from one form of fungus ; " while Baeren-

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the intermittent fevers, which constitute the simplest expression of

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little resemblance to today’s informal network for not-for-

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other hand the dangers of an overdose. The pupil and conjunctival

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and extremes of the weather are above all characteristic

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rniH'mlMTnl tlial in lln" discinhiirkation of lrooj)H ji

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among the diseases of dogs ; hardly any young dog escapes it — and

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Much interesting data was secured, and is presented here. The

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brain. Haemorrhage, embolism, thrombosis — any one of these three

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