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brought your student days to a successful close. We offer you

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be employed, however, it is safe to assert that the radical treatment

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Now, however, the true intent of the clause is made

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Pammel's. When I was at Cornell University as a veterinary

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tality from diarrhceal diseases under one year; for

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and bec^uise, in his opinion, the danger of peritoneal

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those parts of the body innervated from the anterior end of the

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substances only are discussed in the body of the book,

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cotton-root bark, grindelia, black haw, wintergreen, sesame oil, and

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The following analyses of Lead ore were made by Dr.

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but she died of peritonitis in forty-eight hours. This is the first

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have undoubtedly brought to light many facts, some of which are

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ance and service are the basic ingredients of success. This is a scientific

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Gangrenous perforations especially occur on the left side of the

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failed to show that the foundations of our art as well

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In the Archives of Surgery for April 1895, p. 186, there is a

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line. This explains the light spots seen in roentgenograms and

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them on condition that I could have two men to assist me ;

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most constant of the secondary symptoms. The appetite fails

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7.45, p.m. Communications-: I. " Remarkable Hypertrophy of

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small amount of albumen showed that the filtering portion of the kidney was

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is attracting so much attention in medical circles. The eminent

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scribe aconite in small doses persistently, and although no

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of the pernicious manifestations." This was not our experience

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In the death of Austin Flint, M. D., LL. D., a loss has befallen the

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sensation had been isolated ; and the fact that the visual efficiency of the rays

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and obstructed. Besides the catarrh and its consequences, the ,

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Half an ounce of the neutral salt of citrate of magnesia con-

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When Quinine and all internal remedies have failed, the tinc-

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tation of movement of the bleeding organ. He considered that

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and the methods of rendering first aid to the sick and wounded, and

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exjiected Irom electricity. We may often cure or relieve our patients, or

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