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departments have been considerably improved during the

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If serum come out, the orifice should be closed and healed : if


scribed than to quote from the American Stock Book as

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restlessness at night. This was regarded as the most oppres-

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It is, indeed, utterly incomprehensible that all these

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' •J^ Tbe above work ia the reault of a eommiasion aent by the French

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tory swelling, as in quinsy sore throat. The tonsils are a

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peal's to me doubtful if disorders of the circulation, originating

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eminent for their skill as regular practitioners, he

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spector-General Taylor's classification was planned with the design

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temperature 103^*. Slept none ; thirst as severe as ever ;

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given. The bilge should be pumped out, and disinfected

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lenberger and Neumeyer report most favorably on its

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pharynx and larynx, as well as diphtheritic paralysis of the

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almost uniform success in the treatment of cases wherein I prepared

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ments; the OS sliding downward and forward on the posterior wall of

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Bronchitis, Phthisis, Pneumonia and kindred disorders is not a thing that

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disease in cases of exophthalmic goitre, but these lesions — generally

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fact that the rabbit from which it was obtained could not be injected

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produced, with rise in temperature and general disturbance.

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the parieto-occipital sulcus. Below the interparietal fissure lie the supra-

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of papers appearing in the latter part of 1906. The author believes the

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Pictish chief from whom she fled, and, being pursued by his emissaries, she

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thermic, irritation of the skin of the arm will be followed

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in the right hand and completely absent in the left, is against Ea^Tiaud's

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There is no true paralysis of any muscles. The feet are ex-

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manner in which it affords relief in these cases will greatly

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capacity. Waring's case was followed by Smith v. Tebbitt

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on concentration gave a crystalline deposit resembHng cytosinphos-

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placed by those of internal hemorrhage. The pulse remains small

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and other matters, too numerous to mention at the present time,

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little less than 60 per cent, of unimproved and fatal cases. Of

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fifteen to thirty minutes, and in one case was delayed