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Laramie River, June 19, 1894 (No. 275); Laramie Peak, August

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the majority of cases this may be done without difficulty by

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tional symptoms present, and the stools are continuously acid ; (6) when

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report from Montgomery Co. is accompanied by a valuable map, show-

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believe that the aqueous and alcoholic extracts of syphilitic organs

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clusively incurable wards. If charitable people wish to

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6. Picric acid test. — This was first employed by

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A feeble pulse marks, in most instances, a low state of excitement

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piration. Vocal resonance is not appreciably modified. On deep

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Hospital Reports, vol. v. — 4. Ross, R. Brit. Med. Journal, March 1896. — 5.

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and then comes to attention two paces in rear of the center of the step,

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tiation. The change which occurs is rather in the surroundings

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expenses, like mice in a barn ; when there are many, they

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color, and contained not only disintegrated elements but extravasa-

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failure of the heart to supply a sufficient quantity of blood to the

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hut cannot further comprehend. It is generally best to give

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comes gastroptosis alone (twenty per cent), and the least common

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the diet. The liability to the occurrence of diarrhoea should be borne in

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Various kinds of microbfes have been found in the walls of the stomach

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These results correspond to those obtained by Smith (5) and ^loore

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This lull, after lasting for five days, was interrupted by a

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of the pathological processes present and also on the nature of

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Precautions to be observed so as to Prevent the Spread of Disease

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first names in the profession, in the full light of our present patholo-

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sification being founded upon their chemical analogy.

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with the junction of the stem and curve tight against the

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trends and potentialities is seen in the fact that, aside from the dis-

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Taylor, Morse K., major and surgeon. Relieved from duty

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my discovery of the first causes of " leprosy " and its cure.

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closed about the pedicle and the wound dressed with

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ether for an operation that it was necessary to per-

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limits, may sufiice to produce marked slowing of the response of

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from the history and state of these patients, that all had some, perhaps a con-

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All parts of the building are equipped with a modern radiator