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diseases of other organs. But, when happening, they are generally

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rests on the function of tuberculin reactivity. It is therefore clear that

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treatment of rheumatism by the sesqnichloride to be one of the most valuable

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fectly identical with the pathological changes in a case of

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the blood should have reached each cavity by re^urgitation from

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One essential part of all sanitary law relates to the definition

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same in all individuals. Infants at the breast are not liable. The two

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he died in an attack that resembled apoplexy, associated

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May, 1890, entitled '*' Purpura Hemorrhagica Rheumatica, etc.," and

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Tubercle bacilli resist drying for many months, whether kept at

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me as being very questionable whether this operation ought to be done

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a wave of studies extending from 1960 to the present, in

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month, except in the holiday months of July, August, and

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occurrence of antigen and antibody seroconversion as well as

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said that migration was due to a certain definite proportion between

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parturition. The operation described was an oval cross-

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put him upon nitrate of silver, a fourth of a grain four times

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of catarrhs, alvine fluxes, etc., for some time prior to the develop-

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ty[)hus; the frequent extension, in the latter, of the eruption over the ex-

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coloration of the skin. A painful, non-pulsating and

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increment of population, according to this method, would be 1,000 and

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that they may acquire proper habits of living. Such a sanatorium for the

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The treatment will depend upon the injury. If a cut, and

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may be. The evidence on this particular subject is unfavor-

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that many of the children of parents who drink are weakly,

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