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be given. It should be taken twice a day within half an hour
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The prognosis also depends upon the location of the false
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Mr, Hilliard to keep it in position. The patient at first
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from a common source, "and on examining microscopically a
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There are left nineteen cases which recovered. Nine
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tion, Cabot, A. T.. 559; a plea for the more general use of the
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fellow should assault or cruelly beat a servant he was
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Pressure — Amount of Force requisite for Capillary Circulation — Experiments
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that the disease is comparatively rare among breast-
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to over-estimate the grave risks which may attend operation upon
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Alcohol, Methyl (Wood Alcohol). A colorless, poisonous liquid
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Surgery of the Temporal Bone. By Ballance. Published by Mac-
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became involved. Four months later — in February, 1904 —
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which the iodides enter largely in conjunction with
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It is important in most cases that the patient should
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Black river, distant about one mile in a S. and W. direction, is the
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Fig. 62. Forms of apparatus for measurement of blood velocities.
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is to be deprecated. And Burchard states that "more than
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orbital nerve. He had twitching of the muscles of the face. Decided
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vic abscess, whose existence the preceding history of
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continued when the patient is relieved or has fallen
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been considered to be atherogenic and in familial type II
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illustrations. London: Smith, Elder & Co. 1899.
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brated mineralist in this town, who left her, saying that it was useless for
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and discoloured. After incision no sign of healing took
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will discourage the initial attachment of the tick.
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atropia. 1J to 3 minims can be injected at one dose.
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well-concerted plans of operations, and restoring that unanimity 6i