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leucocytosis varies with the amount of blood lost, there being a
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when I say that the extension of the curriculum and the advances in
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infections with Trichomonas intestinalis and Trichuris trichiura. An interest-
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Hygienic Exhibition, in the district of Potsdam, near Moabit,
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the high standard set for those who desire to pursue
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chester 26.4, 27.6, Nottingham 22.7, Ports-
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ed to account for the influence of smoke and heat; and it will readily
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a stout thread tied round their necks, or cut off with tho
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occur from the complications. A fatal result seldom occurs
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Children’s Hospital, Denver. Mon-Tues. Contact: Outreach Office, (303)
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the term they give it. There is a set of old women who
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so that the drainage tube distinctly favored the invasion and growth of the
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the good drainage afforded by the suprapubic opening (Pousson).
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a year, at the end ofwhich time he declared himself free of all his
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— We had thought that a split fowl to the head (warm) for
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obser\-ed, something hapjjens, often not till life is fairly advanced,
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trip may be of value. The first place visited was Honolulu where
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have thought it important to designate by different terms the
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Because much hunger and emplhiess will fill the stomach
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The practical importance of this rare congenital anomaly —
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almost unendurable. In the more fleshy parts, the pain is less severe, since the
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After a few days he felt better but his abdomen began to swell and
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of May, and was called to order by the President, Dr. Chas. A. Pope.
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deflection. Except when this occurs the Q-R-S-T complex is the normal
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and the Chinese population did not suffer greatly, but
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The difference between the experience of the past and of
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practically all the cinchona bark from which quinine is made.
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finger/' of which I reported five cases, with illustrations,