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as signalised by Lubarsch, is not corroborated by such data as I
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to the stomach ; she continued in this situation for twelve
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ing occasionally used for the purpose of producing abortion. He has but little
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his clothing. He sews it and tears it, always dressing
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lea ; and if he chooses, he may take the drops in a little of
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milk. The relation of contagious diseases to the pub-
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up his mind to bear it. - But this should not be done
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lead others to test their value and prompt investigation in a new direction.
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these inturned portions of the wall are called "the bars"
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upon which one fain would linger. It is hard to pass
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attacks usually begin with violent pains in the hip ; the patients
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William Osier, of Philadelphia. Secretary, Dr. Henry
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The part played by the laryngeal and buccal musculatures respectively
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season of the year being unfavorable. I gave him my
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not, perhaps, reside in its germicide behavior ; it may act as a
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If the cough becomes hoarse, dry and barking, the tonsils and
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where they are, and those that recover subsequently kept
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animal was used. All these liquids were employed immediately after their re-
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gross and microscopic appearance of diseased organs and tissue. Bacteriologic
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3 Gaz. Hebdom., de Sci. M6d., MoDtpellier, Sept. 1, 1888.
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and curara, by Martin-Magron and Buisson ; and the morphology of
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generation reaction would be, in any case, interfered
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pared the following table (Table II), which gives the results of antitoxin
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science; secondly, science; thirdly, science." Deliv-
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After a few days' rest in bed, combined with lavage,
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ties of the entire glandular system. The judicious use of