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ing order, but a cornea rendered opaque by surface inflamma-

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certainty and accuracy. The soft parts overlying the goitre are

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do not propose here to enter upon. The general voice of

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challenge to his abilities. The sooner it can be recognized, among medical

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plained by the faulty condition of the blood-vessels,

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thus treated fifty adult males and females, and his conclusions

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Perennial from a multicipital caudex, each division bearing one

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ciently simple ; but it is not so easily understood how it

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placed by prophylaxis. Publicity is now utilized in

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congenital amaurosis, in which the eyeballs seem nor-

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treatment, and this treatment must be insisted upon. First

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properties of tannin equal to those of ergotin and per-

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pints of boiling water ; infuse them half an hour at least,

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1912. In the following June (1913) she suffered her initial attack of pellagra.

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beUy, badly digested, foetid stools and great languor and

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1907-08) states that in examining frozen sections of car-

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torn double episiotomy was done. From the incisions

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branches to occupy that time will allow ; but you are to increase the ag-

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in large numbers especially on the shoulders, neck, chest, waist,

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ministrative functions in the efficient conduct of a Federal, State or

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ogy and hlatology of vertebratea with apedal reifer-

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air. or from any other cause, the amount of tea which

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corporated with the callus and be converted into a living callus ; but

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These enzymes are called glyoxalases, and since the reactions which

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produce are referable to injurious influences, such as prolonged saprophytic

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Anemia, influence of splenectomy on metabolism in ; W. Denis

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an erythema first appeared on her hands in March, 1912. The attack was a

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results, with greater danger of recurrence. Probably