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bandages were usually needed, and the splint was, in all cases of fracture

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compounds, chloral, or chloroform, should they be present,

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of leukocytes. Proliferation of the endoneurium and of the nerve sheaths

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and the cause of the deformity ; but the general principles

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Philadelphia Hospital ; and Clinical Chief, Ophthalmological Department,

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city limits, and should be composed of one or at most two-

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,1973, with the complaint of amenorrhea of one-year dura-

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to laws regulating quarantine and the pollution of inter-State

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we see, immediately after the injury and before the onset of the

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515 Estrogen Replacement Therapy for Reducing Cardiovascular Disease

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— they believed that the community would be safer

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bees-wax, sharp knife, and set about the work, first tying her len-s and

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' Sinco the above was writU^n, I Iiavc It'unied that he was poen at tlii.s time

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made, as it were, to slide over and cover it in." He says that after a

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3. If a physician is called to a patient during the temporary ab-

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drill or awl, a fine steel crochet-hook and chromicized gut (Figs.

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by warts, and condylomata or mucous tubercles ; by tumours of

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class you should be cautious of operating s of the people that are commonly called

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manner of a valv^e — that is to say, to allow the fluid to escape,

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for such purposes is forbidden in Switzerland, Bavaria

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were trophic. Dr. Cameron's case was a remarkable, but not

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mucous membrane, has a basement membrane which is profusely

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The other theory accounts for the origin of the fat cell on the basis of

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possibility of a "one day pneumonia" is denied by many physicians, but

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reality it is a report of an investigation recently conducted by H. S. Upson

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surface while the radial lies nearer the anterior plane. The radial

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gether. I have met with patients who sought for themselves, and even

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trial enterprises. An individual or a firm furnishes the capital, con-

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John Batty Tuke, Jr., M.D., F.R.C.P. Ed., Polton, .

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special ptomaines in that great and mysterious bio-chemical