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From an analysis of these five cases, it seems probable

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bear out Dr. Quimby 's idea; but in the other man the

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shorn tliem of their terrors. He also spoke of vaccination,

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when it is antero-lateral, a trough splint may be used with the angle of the

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Separate Sensations, 791 ; Temperature, 791 ; Touch, 793 ; Pain, 795.

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one of the most difficult and agonizing decisions a physician

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10. Though Mr. Syme appears to have been in error in speaking of the old

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been thoroughly tested at all decomposable temperatures.

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doses, after the stomach has been washed out, still remains, however, a

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We build up these great Empires and little nations have been compelled

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now be countenanced, having become unreasonably popular.

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is also the means by which suppuration is circumscribed, and prevented

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lieat, or with very little. India-rubber, when boiled in

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I am well aware that the results of my work in this direc-

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if, like Wagner," we refuse to acknowledge, without further

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26.3; Newcastle-on-Tyue 21.9: Sheffield 20.8: Sunderland 19.3.

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animal showed no lesions whatever and all the organs were

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sufficiently small to allow tin- water ■>! the river, both at Lowell

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bride's Cither, near Waynesboro', Pa., by the Ber. W. R. H. Deatrich. L N.

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account of the use of the phrase " retraction " of the cervix

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the vicinity, I made an examination of her sexual orga-

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uation of the bladder was made, resulting in capillary

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before the profession a brief and clear account of the active

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prevent all possible distortions during its tender days/"* The

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bed treatment is preferable, in that it offers complete rest to the hyper-

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less extent than normal, and excised portions float in water. Microscopically,

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localizations of pneumococcus infection, such as intracranial, intratracheal,

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contained concretion, presenting through the lumen of the appendix.

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