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bility, and in so doing serve to illustrate the fact that it is educa-

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were assembled for the essential purpose of co-ordinating their various

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cidal action of the blood serum and tissue fluids, the phagocytic

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fourteenth day respectively. On the eighteenth day, 1-5 cc. cone. Mn. con-

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vestigations of Professor Thomson, of Oxford, who, in

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meetings or subscribe to any veterinary journals ; they certainly

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important thing being the contraction of the thorax on the convex

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If available, tetanus antitoxin should be injected into and about

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through which the finger can be carried into the calices

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de Graefe's sign, absence of synchronism between look-

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sionally reaches 104 or 104,5° F. In rare cases there is no

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great ardour, and even went to France to become acquainted

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source of information, so as to seem to know all about

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straight; a perpendicular outline of the upper lip and chin; eyebrows

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will develop small-pox ; if done later it may or may not modify the

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Now, it seems to me that all these disorders are capable

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about 130 grammes are excreted in twentj-four hours. The most important

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was an enthusiast. Still his enthusiasm was the result of extraordi-

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which in this region of the back was naturally very thin. The cavity

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larger than when measured after the tapping, and her breathing was

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symptoms which bring this class of cases into close relation with the

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inferior quality, consisting mainl}^ of old fowls badly plucked and

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tion in water do not keep well ; and perhaps the many assertions that

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vano-cautery leaves little to be desired in the way of

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contents, and medico-legal proofs of " live-birth " founded upon the

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20.1, and that of diarrhoea is diminished to an extent which

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A handsome shrub, common on rocky ledges at 8.000 ft. and

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for withdrawing propranolol slowly Propranolol does not distort thyroid function tests

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officers in charge of the hospitals would probably welcome such an

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gravity, but I believe that point has not been proved yet. Hence, in all

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morphonuclear cells characterized the picture. Bronchiectasis never

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The popular notion that one <fr two kinds of food at a

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Dr. R. Sarandeses, Phiisician to the Provincial Hospital.

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lettuce, as Lauder Brunton remarks, are due probably less to the