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pleasure over her progress, not only for the artistic skills she is developing, but

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Golla, F L., Freeman, Walter, Watts, J. W., Dax, E. C.,

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weakness of one side of the face and trunk and of one arm and leg. The

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and Research Foundation at Letterman Medical Center, San Francisco.

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The new Membership Roll is being revised for publication.

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years of age, the patient had, two years before coming

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mation was at once acceded to by many distinguished persons,

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pour blood into the sac. Moreover, a large aneurismal

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severe pain due to rupture of the bladder, and speedily suc-

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is ill developed in sexual deficiency; (4) changes occur in it during the

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New Jersey physicians on a one-to-one basis can help. Give

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estrace and prometrium ivf

Discussion opened by Dr. James Stretch, Dr. William L. Higgins.

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routine use of ethyl chloride for dental operations, because of (1)

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calomel, podophyllin, or ipecac produce a pui^ative and

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plied with mines of coal and deposits of clay, gypsum, and

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Although tjr^us fever, regarded as a contagious disease, may have

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(Discussion opened by James C. Wilson, Hartford, and William

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or to Dr. Mitchell's address to appreciate that with him the science

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but many of them are decidedly pernicious, and all of them are to be con-

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epidemic croupy throat affections which at different times have appeared