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in. a pint of water, — to be drank at intervals, when it is cold.

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which the skin had been discoloured, identical with those which

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experience either confirms or modifies our present views.

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had been placed under lenses which magnify .say .S50 diameters,

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labour, but when menstruation is established again there

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Diuretics increase the flow of urine. Example: sweet spirits of

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heart's blood it was found three times, once alone. Here we have three

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losis where the disease was still active, as it did not favor cicatriza-

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arrange tumours according to the degree of their so-called " malignancy," those

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26. Campbell W: Thiobendazole effect in visceral larva migrans. j

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caderas mice than rats. Occasionally also, we have seen spontaneous

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incontestibly that the organisms are really present in the blood of all men who

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once pass to the subject before us, and speak only of the Op-

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side. Now, these hepatic surfaces which are present in the case of

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a case of which he showed not long ago. The behaviour of the two cases was

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cases of poliomyelitis had a spinal fluid below 646.

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puration ; but if suppuration cannot be prevented, then decomposition and fer-

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would admit of referring to some other articles which it

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It would, however, be a pity to make the general rule insist on more.

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palliative ; for diagnostic purposes, however, it is of some use, especially

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deaths. In type, 4 per cent, were hemorrhagic, 40 per

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or essentially relieved and made comfortable by the sys-

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of muscles and nerves, the recognition of the spinal cord as an

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A reliable process for preparing syrup of tar has long been a desi-

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